Top 20 Largest Cities in the World

Top 20 Largest Cities in The World 2023

Have you ever wondered what the biggest cities are on Earth? We have been around the world and seen many of the world largest cities, and even the list surprised us!

It is perhaps unsurprising that the bulk of the world’s most populous cities is located in China and India, the world’s two most populous nations. Shanghai and Beijing have 25 million and 22 million populations, respectively, whereas Mumbai and Delhi have populations of 21.5 million and 27 million, respectively. 

What is the largest city in the world by population?

The urban environments are home to most of the population according to the top 20 largest cities in the world in 2023. Researchers classify the world’s largest cities as “megacities” if they have a population of above 10 million people. The World Population Review, a website that simplifies demographic data into simply digestible statistics, rates Tokyo as the city with the largest population in the world for 2023, with over 37 million population. Tokyo is the capital of Japan, a flourishing urban metropolis renowned for its busy streets and neon-lit skyscrapers. Osaka, another Japanese city with a population of almost 20.5 million, is in 10th place.

There are also a handful of non-Asian cities that are part of the top 20 largest cities in the world with large populations, such as Mexico City with over 21 million residents, Cairo with almost 19.5 million residents, and Buenos Aires with about 15.5 million residents. Istanbul is considered the most populous city in Europe, with more than 14.5 million citizens. It is followed by Moscow, with over 12 million inhabitants, and Paris, with 11 million inhabitants, including the Paris metropolitan region. In addition to their cultural significance, these cities attract millions of tourists annually. 

Biggest Cities In The World

There are many famous and culturally rich cities with low populations according to the top 20 largest cities in the world, which typically results in a higher standard of living for their citizens. Barcelona, Sydney, Berlin, and Vancouver are all cities with fewer than five million citizens, but they are all top-rated urban living options. There are also some relatively small cities with significant cultural, historical, or political reputations, such as Sarajevo with 314,000 residents, Edinburgh with 502,000 residents, and Venice with 631,000 residents, proving that small cities can be highly significant regardless of their population size.

Below are the top 20 largest cities in the world by population according to World Population Review

City RankPopulation
1. Tokyo, Japan      37,274,000
2. Delhi, India          32,066,000
3. Shanghai, China  28,517,000
4. Dhaka, Bangladesh   22,478,000
5. Sao Paulo, Brazil    22,430,000
6. Mexico City, Mexico22,085,000
7. Cairo, Egypt  21,750,000
8. Beijing, China21,333,000
9. Mumbai, India  20,961,000
10. Osaka, Japan19,060,000
11. New York City, United States18,867,000
12. Chongqing, China  16,875,000
13. Karachi, Pakistan16,840,000
14. Istanbul, Turkey  15,636,000
15. Kinshasa, Republic of Congo15,628,000
16. Lagos, Nigeria  15,388,000
17. Buenos Aires, Argentina15,370,000
18. Calcutta, India  15,134,000
19. Manila, Philippines  14,406,000
20. Tianjin, China14,012,000
Top 20 Largest Cities in The World by Population



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