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Things To Know Before You Visit Aruba 2023

Aruba is a must-visit place when it comes to popular vacation destinations. People enjoy so many things about this island. That it’s challenging to pick just one to recommend: magnificent white-sand beaches, clear, mild turquoise waters. Year-round sunny weather, elegant hotels, modern infrastructure, friendly residents, and unique activities, etc. 

Aruba Travel Tips: Things to Know Before Visiting Aruba

Safety In Aruba

Most popular tourist destinations are safe, but you should take precautions: avoid secluded places at night. Never bring valuables to the beach or leave them in your vehicle. Ensure that purses and handbags are closed and difficult to steal. You must adhere to your standard travel precautions. Nature might also offer a threat. Despite being outside the hurricane alley and hence free from the threat of storms. There are still things that can bring you risk: the terrain, the Caribbean Sea, and the potentially dangerous animals that inhabit both. 

Weather, Visit Aruba

Aruba is 12 degrees 30 minutes north of the equator. The average and reasonably consistent temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Making the climate tropical but not extreme (28 degrees Celsius). It is crucial to note that visit Aruba lies south of the general storm pathways and typically sees only the periphery effects of tropical weather in the vicinity. Trade winds cool the island, making sunbathing on one of the many beaches much more tolerable. However, this is deceiving; the sun can be intense, particularly between 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., and experts strongly advise using high-SPF sunscreens, especially for individuals with fair skin.

Transportation To Visit Aruba

Using public transportation to navigate around and visit Aruba without a car is a simple and inexpensive option. Riding taxis are the most convenient way to travel. Aruba is a relatively small island; you will reach your destination quickly. If you wish to tour the island, feel free to rent a car for one, two, or three days; several local agencies offer three-day discounts. If you intend to leave your resort to dine, gamble, and shop, it is more economical to take taxis or dependable buses. 


Aruba is indeed a “happy island.” This Caribbean hotspot attracts tourists for various reasons. Including its breathtaking beaches, wind-sculpted desert landscapes, and some of the most excellent wreck diving in the region. Visitors can spend their days on Aruba scuba diving off Hadicurari Beach or shopping in Oranjestad.. Exploring the natural marvels of Arikok National Park, or dining at one of the island’s beautiful restaurants. And if you’re seeking beach nightlife, Palm Beach is the most excellent place to visit in Aruba. This beach comes to life as the sun goes down, with lively clubs and casinos, dancing, movie theaters, water fountain shows, bowling, and two of Aruba’s most significant retail complexes! 

Beaches In Aruba

Due to its calm, beautiful waters and richness of marine life, Arashi Beach is considered one of the top snorkeling sites in the Caribbean. The beach has smooth white sands and a clear blue sea and is conveniently accessible with ample parking and snack huts. Baby Beach features quiet, shallow seas and is one of the island’s most family-friendly beaches, hence its name. This beach is ideal for young swimmers because the waves are practically nonexistent, and the water is shallow, making it easier for young children to swim safely. Visitors can also explore Eagle Beach, a famous white-sand beach with beach huts, shaded areas, and watersports available nearby. The gorgeous beachfront experience here attracts tourists from around the world. So if you’re visiting Aruba for the beaches, it will undoubtedly be on your schedule. 


Aruba has an incredibly sophisticated food culture for such a little island in the Caribbean. It is a fascinating kaleidoscope of world cuisine influenced by more than 90 nations and civilizations. Besides, it has more than 200 fine dining restaurants, innumerable cafes, and snack bars. However, some particular flavors and foods are deeply woven into the fabric of daily life and distinguish it from other Caribbean islands. Some foods are steeped in history, others are seasonal, and others can be difficult to locate. To properly know how natives eat, drink, and celebrate on One Happy Island, it is, however, well worth the effort to find them. 

Food, Visit Aruba

Here is the typical cuisine of Aruba that you should sample. The first is Stobas, a traditional hot comfort dish in Aruba that Arubans love despite the island’s warm environment. Commonly made with beef or goat, although calco stoba or conch stew are also popular options. Typical pastiche fillings include cheese, ham, beef, chicken, or tuna, and chop suey is occasionally seen due to the island’s Asian culture. Keshi Yena is commonly referred to as the national dish of Aruba. This comfort food casserole was produced solely from leftovers baked into the rind of Edam cheese. Pan bati is the traditional Aruban dish, meaning “smashed bread.” This thin corn flour pancake is perfect for soaking up sauces and dipping in soups. Hot butter or melted Dutch cheese is often used to top it, and it can also be served deep-fried on its own.”


Arubans are renowned for their warm and hospitable demeanor and remarkable beauty. In truth, the early residents of the island were a band of farmers and fishermen who valued peace: the Arawak Indians. Despite their diversified history, inhabitants share a solid national identity supported by a thriving economy, a robust educational system. And one of the highest living standards in the Caribbean. The authenticity of a warm grin and the friendliness of the Aruban people have not been lost on the island’s visitors, with many saying that it is the people who pull them back year after year. With so many influences on the island, Aruba maintains its individuality, as evidenced by the warmth of its inhabitants.

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