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Frontier Airlines Debuts a $590 all You Fly Can Pass

Budget carrier Frontier Airlines has reportedly been teasing this deal for weeks. Passengers can now purchase one year’s worth of flights for only $599.00. It’s as easy as going to the company website and purchasing a GoWild! Pass.

Frontier debuts a $599 all-you-can-fly pass

The pass covers all domestic destinations including Puerto Rico. This program covers one year of bookings as of May 2 and expires the following year. The GoWild! Pass will be automatically renewed for another year for a charge of $1,999.00 unless the membership is canceled.

Barry Biffle, the company CEO, told the press the “thousands” of the $599.00 passes were available with priority being given to travelers who had joined the program in advance. He believes that working from home has allowed more people to be more flexible with their travel dates and views the unlimited travel pass offer as a “reward” for that flexibility. Biffle believes the target market for these all-you-can-fly passes are remote workers who enjoy visiting family and friends and “active retirees” who have children and grandchildren just one flight away.

Frontier Airlines debuts

While the GoWild! Pass may be used on over 300 different days, there are some blackout dates. They include holiday periods and a few regular dates like December 16 and July 8. The chosen blackout dates are generally days when demand is generally high, and seats are typically difficult to book.

Travelers must also be flexible since flights are not available to book and confirm until one day before the departure date. Frontier also notes that “last seat availability is not guaranteed.” Biffle reports that while “leisure travel” has grown since the start of the pandemic, their aircraft aren’t as full as they were prior to the start of 2020. On average, the percentage of seats filled was under 83 percent. In other words, 34 out of every 200 seats were unfilled.

 Frontier launches ‘All-you-can-fly’ pass

Additionally, $599.00 is not an all-inclusive price. Travelers must cover the cost of numerous extras, such as baggage and seat selection fees, the flight segment charge, and taxes too. In an email, Frontier spokeswoman Jennifer de la Cruz reported that a flight in December will cost a pass holder $138.00. 

That includes almost $60.00 in fees and taxes. A traveler pays $48.00 per suitcase and $53.00 per carry-on bag each way. Seats run between $24.00 and $60.00.  

De la Cruz also noted a passenger pays roughly $14.60 in airport and government taxes, charges, and fees for each flight. Finally, frequent fliers who use GoWild! Passes will not be eligible for miles, but neither will they lose their status or points. Finally, only loyalty members may purchase passes. 

This all-you-can-fly offer might sound familiar to frequent fliers and travel bargain hunters. JetBlue introduced an All You Can Jet Pass in 2009. This pass included one month of unlimited bookings for the same price as Frontier’s current offer. JetBlue’s pass applied to both domestic and international travel destinations and was so well received, the company had to end the offer prior to the publicized purchase-by date.

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