Top 10 Best Airlines in The United States 2023

Which US airlines are the best? Critics, industry experts, and travelers don’t always agree. That’s why we consulted several sources including our own frequent flying staff to bring you our list of the 10 best US airlines. Here they are! 

The 10 Best US Airlines

1. Delta Air Lines

Delta tops the chart for American carriers. This airline has one of the world’s largest fleets. It offers 5,400+ daily flights to 325 destinations in a total of 52 countries. The airline is praised for its wide network, reliability, passenger safety, airport lounge access, and rewards program.

2. United Airlines

United Airlines has eight hubs allowing for minimal layovers and flies to more than 110 international destinations. They score for the conveniences that come with standard Economy, such as carry-ons and seat choice, the United Next program, and the United MileagePlus rewards program.

3. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines covers more than just the 49th state. The airline’s main hub, once in Anchorage, is now in the Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Alaska earns points for their premium class, between economy and first class, The Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, and their lounges.

4. JetBlue

JetBlue is a Queens, New York-based airline serving the US, the Caribbean, Mexico, and certain cities in Central and South America. The airline is lauded for its “Fly-Fi” internet access, fully reclining business class seats, Amazon Prime partnership, carbon neutrality, and TrueBlue rewards program.

5. American Airlines

In terms of fleet size, American Airlines is the world’s biggest. Headquartered at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, they fly to 350 domestic and international destinations. The carrier is applauded for its free in-flight apps such as Apple TV+, and AAdvantage rewards program. 

6. Hawaiian Airlines

This Honolulu-based company is focused on flying people to, from, and around Hawaii but is also a gateway to Asia, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, and other Pacific Islands. It’s extolled for its baggage handling, few cancellations, on-time departures, and HawaiianMiles program.

7. Southwest Airlines

This Dallas, Texas-headquartered airline won several J.D. Power awards, so we’ve known for a while that this low-cost carrier is doing something right. They are included here because of their strengths: award availability, customer satisfaction, and providing value for the price paid.

8. Allegiant Air

This ultra-low-cost airline has its HQ in Summerlin, Nevada. They focus on flights between major vacation destinations and small communities. Passengers appreciate the carrier’s boarding process, baggage policies, wheelchair and scooter availability, and low occurrence of involuntary bumps.  

9. Frontier Airlines

Frontier airlines travel special.

Frontier Airlines has its HQ in Denver, Colorado. This major ultra-low-cost airline was awarded a slot here for its affordability and minimal cancellations. They also are given credit for their individualistic change fee policy which puts the emphasis on buying your tickets early.

10. Spirit Airlines

Some people love to hate this Florida-based ultra-low-cost airline. Yet it makes our top 10 list for several reasons. Seat assignments are as low as $5.00, ticket changes are only $90.00 when they’re made online, and passengers get award miles for every flight.

The airline industry in the United States has decided to eliminate much of the leg room in favor of passenger load capacity. This means more people on flights in a less comfortable space. You will see this with most American airliners.

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