Boston Travel Guide

Have you ever wanted to travel to a place where history, food, and arts go in one place? Ah, for sure you have not been to Boston. Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts, one of the oldest municipalities in the US, and also known to be the “walking city of America” especially when Spring hits the season. It is also known to be a thriving center for scientific research for this where some the prestigious university can be found such as Harvard University, MIT, and Cambridge. These universities are fond to produce great leaders and are known to have a very high educational standard.


When you get to Boston, there are so many places that you shouldn’t miss. For sure, you want to make the most out of it and experience the beauty and the amazing façade firsthand and by that, it is very important for you to understand their transportation system. Since Boston city is a walking city, driving downtown may not be as cool as taking public transportation. Boston streets are a bit congested and narrow making private driving and traffic a bit of a struggle but taking their public transportation such as their train system will make your experience otherwise. Their train transportation will bring you from your desired place pretty straight forward plus you get to see their historical places at your own pace.


Boston is a great place to be in during breezy weather. Usually May to October, their mid-autumn season will give you the best climate to take you on a leisure stroll. Moreover, if you wish to experience a lively, vibrant feel during travel, Springtime will be the best season. Boston Garden Park will definitely give you that amazing view when all their plants and flowers bloom but if you are looking for cold weather feels, might want to delay your travel up to somewhere in January – bringing your cold suits is a must.

Historical Places:

Boston is definitely full of history and these histories aren’t just folklore tales. They are real and glad that they were able and continuously preserved the relics of their history. These are some of the great places to visit to name a few:

Tea Party Museum – This is one of a kind museum that you can experience. It is not your typical museum as it is located on a barge. It offers plenty of activities such as multi-sensory exhibits, dramatic reenactment, and tours of restored tea ships. Not only do you get to see those, but you also get to feel and experience the events which led to the American Revolution.

Paul Revere’s House – Paul Revere is the American legend known for his Midnight Ride apart from him being a famous silversmith. His house is located in North End – Boston’s oldest neighborhood. His house is known to be the oldest residential building downtown.

Places to Visit:

Since we touched base on Paul Revere’s house, might as well take you to Down Town Boston’s – North End. This may have been known as the oldest neighborhood in the city, this also is the best where you can find the most delicious Italian cuisine. North End is also known as the Little Italy of the United States. Its structure projects a European-style architecture adding to that Italian vibe as well as many Italian restaurants serving the place. There is definitely no waste of time traveling this area.

If you are traveling with your family, one of the best ways to enjoy the city is by visiting the New England Aquarium, which not only offers great aquatic shows, it also gives you a lot of tourist attractions as well as a great cinema experience. All ages will definitely enjoy this tour.


Traveling wouldn’t be complete without experiencing their cuisines known for. From James Hook Lobster &Co. which offers various lobster dishes to The Black Rose, an Irish Restaurant offering great taste steaks to visiting Modern Pastry Shop trying their mouth-watering eccentric pastries to visiting Emmet’s Irish Coffee, or maybe ending your gastro trip by the North End and trying out their Italian cuisine. All these food trips will definitely be worth it.

In closing, Boston may not always be your first choice on your travel list but maybe tagging you along in my Boston trip will trigger something in you – maybe out of curiosity or just because but hopefully, you get to experience and taste the beauty of Boston.

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