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Best Ways to Provide Proof of Onward Tickets Without Wasting Money

Onward tickets? Yes, onward tickets. Are you planning on traveling to another country any time soon?  Are you making all the arrangements yourself? 

With all the added restrictions of recent events, don’t forget the basics. One often overlooked aspect of international travel is conveniently being able to provide proof of onward travel.  Numerous countries require visitors to provide proof that they are going to leave within a specific time period. 

This is a common requirement used to make certain that travelers don’t outstay their visas or stay there illegally.  There are a number of doable methods for proving continued travel without going over budget.  Specifically, this article focuses on the best way to provide onward tickets without wasting money.

Best Ways to Provide Proof of Onward Tickets Without Wasting Money

What are Onward Tickets?

Also known as a departure ticket, a return ticket, or an onward flight ticket, an onward ticket is proof that you are going to leave the country on a specific date.  While there are some countries that do not demand proof of one’s onward travel, global events, such as the relatively recent COVID-19 pandemic, have resulted in many countries more rigorously enforcing this requirement.

Why Is Proof of Onward Travel That Important?

The main purpose of an onward ticket is to prevent illegal immigration.  The authorities need confirmation that travelers don’t plan on overstaying their visas.  While typical tourists have set itineraries complete with pre-booked return tickets, digital nomads, retirees, and other flexible flyers frequently face a conundrum.  Setting a departure date almost always entails purchasing a “throwaway ticket”, or an airline ticket that they might not use, costly change charges, or risking being denied entry because they don’t have an onward ticket for the next flight. 

Some Strategies for Providing Proof of Your Onward Travel

1. Purchase a Refundable Flight Ticket

Buying a refundable ticket is still the best and most economical way to show proof of onward travel if you don’t want to spend money on even a cheaper exit ticket. Just purchase a one-way ticket on an airline that is fully refundable from the country you are visiting to your home or other country. Get a refund and cancel the ticket when you arrive. This method maintains flexibility while still cutting costs.

2. Use an Onward Ticket Service

Use an onward ticket service such as  These services create verifiable, legitimate airline reservations in your name that border control, immigration, and airline agents can all verify.  For example, you’re a digital nomad touring Southeast Asia.  

You’re headed for Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.  Rather than buying expensive tickets for every part of the trip, you simply go online and use a service to create a verifiable reservation from Hanoi to Bangkok.  It’s a comparatively economical approach to comply with immigration regulations without going over your budget.  Whether you’re a regular digital nomad, a frequent flier, or even a visa applicant, these online services can provide you with peace of mind and more freedom.  

3. Purchase a Bus or Train Ticket

If you’re traveling within one region or overland, you can purchase a bus or train ticket to a neighboring nation.  While this is obviously not applicable to every destination, it can offer evidence of onward travel without needing to rely on costly flights.

4. Provide Proof of Accommodation

Proof of lodging is accepted in some countries in lieu of an onward ticket. Make a reservation for a hostel or hotel for a later time and show it to immigration officials. To save additional expenses, be sure the reservation is cancellable or flexible.

5. Create a Basic Itinerary

Make a simple travel schedule that highlights your chosen route.  Include additional information such as approximate dates, cities you’re going to visit, and modes of transportation.  This method, while not perfect, shows that you intend to travel and not to overstay your welcome.

6. Research all Country-Specific Requirements

Every country has different laws concerning onward travel.  Keep yourself informed of the particular requirements that are applicable to your destination.  Some places accept other documentation like bus or ferry tickets.

For example, in Thailand, the immigration officials often accept train or bus tickets to nearby nations as evidence of continued travel.  Buying a ticket from Bangkok to Cambodia or even Loas could be sufficient if you’re going to tour Southeast Asia by land.

7. Extend Your Entry Permit or Visa

Consider extending your entry permit or visa while you’re in the country you’re visiting.  Travelers may request extensions in specific countries without having to leave. This option offers a legitimate means of demonstrating your desire to extend your stay.  To learn more about the procedure and requirements, contact the appropriate embassy or immigration office.  Extension policies differ greatly, so be sure to plan ahead and apply well in advance of the date on which your current visa expires.

8. Be Truthful and Explain Your Specific Situation

Honesty is the best policy.  When you’re questioned by immigration officers, explain your flexible travel plans.  Tell them you prefer to travel without a set schedule, are retired, or a digital nomad.  It might not be as effective as the other strategies but it’s worth a shot.  

9. Prove You Have Sufficient Funds

Prove you have sufficient funds to be self-sustaining while you’re there.  Show them a bank statement, a credit card balance, or proof of employment.  Immigration officers just want to know you will not be a burden on the country’s resources.

Bottom Line on Onward Tickets

It doesn’t have to cost money to prodocumentation of continued travel. You can fulfill immigration requirements without incurrin unnecessary travel costs by choosing the appropriate approach and considering inexpensive, alternative methods.  Be prepared, familiarize yourself with local laws, and you will have a worry-free, enjoyable trip.

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