Freebies People Get When They Fly

We love travel but let’s face it; it can be expensive and occasionally a little stressful. Ah, but there are perks that can make it more enjoyable. Many airlines and airports offer numerous freebies. Here they are:

Airport Freebies

Free Wi-Fi

Staying connected while traveling can be important. Many airports also offer free Wi-Fi, especially if you use a credit card that offers it or have access to a lounge. To find out if your airline or airport provides free Wi-Fi, check their websites or ask an employee. Additionally, several airlines offer free Wi-Fi to all passengers on domestic flights, such as Delta and JetBlue.  

Free Tours

Have a long layover? Join a free tour. Singapore’s Changi Airport offers free tours for passengers who have at least six hours between flights. Seoul’s Incheon Airport also offers tours to markets, temples, or even a cave for travelers who have at least three hours of transit time. Turkish Airlines offers free Istanbul tours for flyers stopping at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. To join a free tour, register at a designated counter or online before your flight.

Free Books

Buying books at an airport bookstore can be pricey. Instead, you can borrow or swap books for free at some airports that have libraries or book exchange points. Helsinki Airport has a book swap point in its Kainuu Lounge, where you can leave a book you’ve finished and take another one. Tallinn Airport has a trust-based library where you can borrow a book and return it on your next flight. Amsterdam Schiphol also has a library with books, iPads, and cozy seating areas. Look for signs or ask at the information desk.

Free Religious Services

If you need a place to pray, meditate, or reflect, you can find free religious services at many airports. Some have interfaith chapels that welcome people of all faiths, such as Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson. Others have specific facilities for different religions, such as prayer rooms for Muslims or synagogues for Jews. Some airports even offer religious ceremonies during certain holidays. To find out if your airport has a religious service that suits your needs, you can check their website or ask an employee.

Free Pet Potty Break

Traveling with a pet can be hard, especially finding a place for them to relieve themselves. Many airports have animal-relief facilities for those traveling with pets. These are fenced-in patches of outdoor space reserved for pets, where they can do their business. Some airports even offer water bowls, waste bags, and even pet spas. To learn if your airport has an animal-relief facility, check their website or look for signs.

Free On-Site Entertainment

Some airports have art galleries, museums, or exhibits that showcase international or local artists and culture. San Francisco International Airport has an aviation museum and library displaying historic aircraft models and memorabilia. Denver International Airport has rotating art exhibits featuring various themes and media. Some airports also have gaming zones, live music performances, movie theaters, or even ice-skating rinks. Look for signs or check the website.

Airline Freebies

Free Sanitizing Wipes

Airplanes can be dirty. A flight attendant can give you free sanitizing wipes to wipe down the seat, seat belt, tray table, and armrest. If you have a window seat, you can wipe down the wall beside you too.

Free First Aid Supplies

If you need first aid supplies like ibuprofen or a Band-Aid, the flight crew generally stocks first aid basic supplies on hand for passengers just in case.

Free Slippers

Yes, complimentary blankets and pillows are pretty standard on long flights. But you can also ask the flight attendant for a free pair of slippers. Kick your shoes off and relax without exposing anyone to your sweaty socks or bare feet. 

Free Earplugs

If you’re having trouble blocking out noise with your headphones, you can ask for earplugs. Many airlines carry them for this reason and will provide them free of charge.  (You might even be able to score masks and toothbrushes too.)

Free Food

Flight attendants often provide you with tiny bags of cookies, crackers, peanuts, pretzels, and other snacks. These snacks are not limited to one per person, so ask for more if you wish. If you are on a flight that provides meal service, you might even be able to get an extra portion. Just ask.

Free Full-Size Drinks 

There’s no policy limiting passengers to half a can of Coke on each flight. You are allowed to ask for a full can. This also pertains to other non-alcoholic beverages such as bottled water or juice. (Sorry, flight attendants won’t give you your own bottle of wine.)

Free Stuff For Kids 

Free Cockpit Tours

Believe it or not, some airlines still offer this old-school freebie. If you have kids who have a hankering to be a pilot or navigator, they will certainly enjoy seeing what it looks like inside a real cockpit. Request a tour and be sure your kids respect the pilot’s time and personal space.

Free Activity Kits

Did you forget to pack your child’s coloring book and crayons? You can ask the flight attendant for help. Several airlines stock both craft supplies and little toys for such “emergencies”, especially on longer international flights. The selection will vary per airline, so ask and find out what’s available.

Free Kid-Friendly Snacks

Most airline snacks are already kid-friendly. Still, some flight crews also stock drinks and snacks specifically for children. It can’t hurt to ask and a kid-friendly treat could make a big difference.

Free Baby Bassinets

When traveling with a baby, you may be eligible for a free bassinet. They generally attach to the bulkhead wall or the seat right in front of you. This frees up valuable lap space. It’s important to note that individual airlines have varying height, weight, and age requirements, and different policies for getting them. Be sure to always check with your airline prior to boarding the plane.  

These are some of the freebies available to flyers. The next time you travel, be certain to check what freebies are available to make your trip more enjoyable.

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