Lexie Alford is the youngest woman in the world to visit every country (Photo: Instagram)

A woman who is just 21 years old has become the youngest person in the world to travel to every country on the planet. Lexie Alford, from the U.S., has visited every one of the 196 countries and has done it while being the youngest person, breaking two records at once.

The last place she visited was North Korea on May 31. She says that it is a relief to have accomplished her goal, as she had to overcome some obstacles to get into some of the least accessible countries. She added that she feels ‘’gratitude, joy and satisfaction’’ to make her dreams come true.

Growing up, her parents were both travel agents, which meant she was able to visit some countries when she was younger. She’s been saving up to visit them all since she was 12.

She says she hopes that her achievement can be an inspiration to others. She’s been pursuing her dream of traveling to all 196 countries since she graduated from college in 2016. Of the past two years, seven months of it has been traveling by herself.

Lexie says that she funded her travels all by herself, with help from the occasional brand deal along the way. When asked about her favorite places, she talks about Pakistan and Venezuela.

Now that she has completed her trip around the world, she has to submit all of the evidence to the committee of the Guinness World Records for approval.