When everything is in a rush; life and work is taking out of hand and when everything is out of balance, we must know when to say yes for a vacation. And when I say yes for a vacation, I meant VACATION! Enough with the four cornered room and step out to see the greatest creation that the world can offer thus, travel around the world. Come and see the different islands to visit around the world:

Top Islands to visit in the World

  1. Bora Bora
    Well known international tourist destination located in the the island of French Polynesia. Its is highly known for its aqua-centric presentation of the island as most of the villas and bungalows are within the water. You can definitely take a huge rest and worry no time as most of the luxurious resort will definitely offer a great stay. Along with this, the island is greatly inhabited by sharks and rays, not to scare you but to have a great play time with them. Snorkeling and scuba diving are the greatest activity you can try in this island.

Bora Bora, Island, Caribbean, Tahiti 2. Santorini
One of the largest island in the archipelago of Greece. A land of god and goddesses. The island that will make you feel like one of the Gods and in control of everything as the smooth sailing wind blows your face and the sound of the rushing waves makes you feel calm. Houses are washed in white using volcanic ashes which brings great beauty and the landscapes and formation definitely rewards your perfect serene view of the horizon.

Santorini Travel Holidays Vacation Summer

3. Maui
If you are looking for great water surfing adventure, Maui is the place to be. Apart from it being the second largest island in Hawaii and offers great water activities such as wind surfing, kite boarding and kite surfing. Not only that, you can also have different kind of adventure such as mountain climbing and or snorkeling. Maui is not just full of water activities, you can also try a lot of pubs, food house and see diverse shop within the island. That is indeed a great vacation time.

Beach, Surfboard, Surfer, Maui, Hawaii

4. Venice
Looking for a great romantic getaway? Venice is the best place to go. It offers great gastronomic destination and romantic sites. Venice has a very stress-free and slow lifestyle and so once you step your foot in this romantic place, expect to have that exciting and ready to explore kind of mood. Venice is not just all waters, although they are well known for the Grand canal but the place has great taste for adventure and instagram ready places. So if you need a chill kind of activities, visit Venice.

Burano, Italy, Venice, Colorful, House

5. Bali
A province in the island of Indonesia. Bali is great with historical culture and heritage and that is one of the reason why they are part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. This is a great place to meet new friends since the locals are very warm and accommodating. They can definitely make you feel comfortable and at home. Apart from their great view of resort, the place is also well known for their waterfalls thus making it all time travel bucket list destination.

6. Ibiza
An island in the eastern Spain where people are well attracted to the amazing and glorious sight of the beach. The place is well known for party and night life. You can never fee bored for the various of pubs to go to and meet new friends internationally.

7. Big Island Hawaii 
Some call it the Big Island, the largest island in Hawaii. This place is so unique because the places that has different climate zone. From coastal jungles to snow capped mountains found in the island. You can also find great hotels, food and places to explore in this big Hawaiian Island.


8. Ko Phi Phi 
An island found in Thailand and part of Krabi Province. This is a place where everywhere is breath-taking. There are a lot places to visit such as Maya Bay where you can see gorgeous cliffs and overlooking places. You can also visit Phileh Cove or they called “The Lagoon” which also a perfect site for cliff viewing. Basically, the islands are great for your water and trekking adventures.

Thailand Phuket Koh Phi Phi Island Tour Co

9. Tahiti
These island is actually divided into two Tahiti Nui, the bigger part of the island and Tahiti Iti, which is the smaller part. Just like the Bora Bora, the place is great sites for over water bungalow and offers a mesmerizing site of the island’s horizon thus making it the most chosen place for honeymoon. The place has great turquoise colored ocean which perfectly invites us for snorkeling and or scuba diving.

Moorea French Polynesia Tropical Island Pa

10. Capri 
One of Italy’s stunning island where the ocean’s color is truly amazing. This is also the place where you can find Grotta Azzurra, a cave where you can see crystalline blue and silver lining reflection of the sea but can only be seen using a small wood boat that can pass through the small openings of the cave. This marks a great adventure because rarely see this kind of beauty.

Blue Grotto Sea Island Greece Greek Island

11. Bahamas
If you are thinking something spectacular and summer-y feels, you must visit Bahamas, an island located in the state of Cuba. The archipelago’s geological structure, the climate, the people, the scenic view gives you no reason why not to visit this place. This is also a great place to find gastronomic experience as they offer a different blend of spice in their cuisine. The place is also quite lively as they have this carnival in which people are having this party vibes that makes you feel oh so home-y.

Staniel Cay Swimming Pig Seagull Fish Exum

12. Tenerife
Largest in the Canary Island and well-known for travel destination specially for beach tours and colorful night outs. The place is well-favored for scuba diving activities due to its clear water beaming. This is also a great place for hiking, a lot of hiking routes can be taken and experience the view on top and feel the vast greatness of the place.

13. Palawan
One the clearest amazing view in the Philippines. Palawan not only a great island to go to but also a place to find peace and serenity. The island unfolds many treasure one of which is the Coron Reefs, where you will find many sea creature you never know existed thus, snorkeling, scuba diving are the best thing to do in this place.

Water, Tropical, Lagoon, Island, Travel

14. Ko Samui
An island found in Kra Isthmus, Thailand. More and more visitors have been discovering this island of treasure and have been the most well preserved place in the world. A spa-haven for the most part that’s why this place is designed to have a very raw and close to nature.

Waters, Sea, Boat, Travel, Sky, Pier

15. Moorea 

This place is often visited by tourist who travels in French Polynesia since it just 40 minutes boat ride from Papeete. This is also one the favorite spot for honeymooners among all Society Islands as the place possess a great tranquil and perfect peaceful sights. Although the place is not big enough, its overflowing with great views of landscape from villages and coastlines. There are so many great hotels and accommodation to choose from and a perfect getaway from the busyness of the city.

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