Today’s time has been very exhausting as an adult — deadlines from here and there, bills are endless, reports and presentation keeps piling day in and day out, the four corners of the office are nothing but a routine view which makes everyday a bit dull, however, good enough we have places we can call heaven and forget about adult-ing and start about going back to the nostalgia of our youth by being happy and free. 

Down below are the list of theme parks that people can go to and have fun and feel the youth of their childhood. 

Top Theme Parks in America

  1. Hershey Park – I was a bit amused as I never thought Hershey will always be about chocolate but not this time. Hershey has their own built themed park and it is located in the state of Pennsylvania and this haven is actually not only for kids but caters people of all ages. Definitely a must go-to-place when visiting the state. Apart from theme rides, the place will never go to far from their branding as they have their very famous “Chocolatetown”, definitely adhering much to what they are most known for. The place were meticulously designed closely to the product they have, like the giant kisses and many more. Just like you being in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory and after having a fun trip in this place, you will surely say that the trip is sweeter. 
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2. King’s Island – The said theme park is actually located in the state of Ohio and offer huge amount of activities for all ages and for all kinds of adventure you can think of. From extreme to the kiddie adventure, name it and they got it for you. The place offers so much and has been well known for their 9.2 miles roller coaster track which surely gives you an unimaginable thrill and a scream of your life while they also have those cute little adventure a be sure to drop by their Snoopy land, where you see all instagram ready places and if any case you feel the need to feel wet and have that water adventure, you must definitely try their Soak City where the name really speak for itself. This is a type of place you will surely enjoy.

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3. Cedar Point – Craving for all kinds of roller coaster? Oh, this is the best place to go to as this amusement park offers more roller coaster than any other amusement park. This amusement park is located in Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio and people will definitely enjoy paying a visit to this place. Not only they have theme parks and rides they also offer a hectare wide of water park which most tourist will enjoy. The place are being surrounded with over a tons of hotel and places to stay in and so if you feel like wanting to stay more than a day feel free and worry no more as they can definitely cater you and your family.

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4. Universal Studio – For people who will be in Los Angeles, this is the place to be. Universal studio offers a variety of sites especially for all Hollywood fans. This has been a paradise for all movie fan as you will be able to see how some of the effects and the studios of famous movies and or series are made. Universal studio offers not only how stages are formed they do also have adventure ride that you can all enjoy.

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5. SeaWorld Resort – For those people who admire and truly enjoy seeing under water creature, welcome to SeaWorld. SeaWorld is located in Orlando, Florida and it is truly a magical place and it feels like you being the Ariel out of the sea and meeting your water buddies for real. Dolphins, sea whales and polar bears, you name it and they have it. These sea creature are not just for your eyes only, they do have programs and shows where they can showcase their talents and tourist ca interact with them.

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6. Disneyland Resort – Every kid’s dream haven. The best place to relive your prince and princess dream and to see all the amazing Disney characters and see spectacular stages and scene out from Disney movies. Family will surely enjoy. This theme park has many magical places to uncover as you travel along from Hotels, to theme parks, to ride, to their exquisite shopping district. This is a place where you can wear your smile all day and every penny is worth the smile it brings.

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7. Universal’s Island of Adventure – Looking for a crazy adventure? Universal’s Island of Adventure will make sure thrill is everywhere. Beast, wizardry, dinosaurs, and all other magical creatures are all over the place. Experience Harry Potter’s Hogwart’s express train, restaurants and all kinds of wizardry or be bewildered with tour with Jurassic Park and have that Raptor Encounter or be all fun and feel young with Hello Kitty world. These place will definitely bring all family into a great fun of adventure.

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8. The Walt Disney World Resort – Where imagination is your only limit. Disney resort has so many places all over the world but this magical place in Orlando, Florida has been the the most visited place. Out of the complexity of the place, you will be able to see a lot of recreational activity, rides, theme parks, cool restaurants, spas and hotels. People of all ages will definitely have fun and will surely have a perfect time and relax here.