Traveling has become a significant life-goal for almost everyone. The more we are able to see the world through photos and videos online, the more we crave to see it with our own eyes. It’s the experience of seeing new places, meeting new people, and tasting new flavors that keep us wanting more. And with technology, the Internet, and growing travel and tourism industries, it is becoming a lot easier to actually travel to even the remotest places on Earth. Planning trips is a lot easier to do now simply because everything you need to plan a trip with, can be found online. But what you don’t always have access to is a list of what you should not be doing whilst traveling. Let us break it down for you.

Traveling Don’ts; What you shouldn’t do

Don’t go empty-handed
Cash is king when you travel because you can’t always rely on your ATM or Credit Cards to work everywhere you go. You should never go empty handed even if your destination is confirmed to have card services you can use. Always have at least $100 converted into the currency of your destination. A little extra cash for emergency purposes is always encouraged. This is a safety and security measure. There may be a few situations during your trip where you can only use cash, and it’s always better to just have a few on your person at all times.

Don’t travel without plans

As fun as this may sound for some people, traveling without even the most basic plan can put you at risk of ending up in dangerous and difficult situations. And this is an even more difficult predicament to be in if you are in a foreign environment. Make it a point that you always have a plan, even for just the most basic things.

What to plan for:
Accommodation – You need to be certain of a place to stay, to book it ahead of time, and to save your accommodation’s contact details just in case you’ll need them when you get there.

Means of travel to and from the airport – Look into all of the different ways you can travel to your accommodation to and from the airport. Do this to avoid finding yourself stuck without a way to your hotel, apartment, or hostel. This is also important to do to make sure you do not fall for overpriced travel options.

Acquiring wifi/data services – Having access to the Internet is absolutely important when you travel to a foreign country. This will help you get to different locations, translate things into English, give you access to all of the information you need to be safe and make sound decisions when you travel. Don’t go without doing a little research about culture and customs.

As much as your intentions are always good when you are traveling, this may not always be what is communicated to people around you. Cultures and traditions differ for every place. And what may be accepted as a good gesture in your society, may be perceived as something negative in another. For example, in Japanese culture, it’s rude to leave a tip at restaurants. This is completely contradicting to western culture which insists that it is important to leave a tip out of courtesy. When you travel, you must always do your research regarding cultural customs and traditions that you have to be aware of. And this is simply to avoid ever unintentionally offending anyone.

Don’t forget to check your passport and visa
With a ticket booked and accommodations set, one unfortunate thing to happen is for you to forget to check your passport’s expiry date or if you need a visa to enter the country you’ll visit. Make it a point that months before your trip, you’ve checked that all of your travel documents are up to date and complete.

Don’t pack things you don’t need
Packing for a trip may seem pretty straightforward. But one big mistake people make when traveling is bringing far too many unnecessary items with them. It’s just added weight you have to carry.

Tips for packing:
Know the weather situation – Look into the weather forecast a few days before your trip, to get the best idea of what clothes and shoes are appropriate for your trip.

Know the cultural norms of dressing in the country you’ll visit – You wouldn’t want to wear anything that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive to local norms. This is why it’s important to know just how you should be dressing when you go to a foreign land.

Maximize the use of several items – Clothing items such as trousers, jackets, and shoes, can all be used multiple times. Bring these to help you save space in your luggage.

These are essential factors to consider when you are traveling. And with good preparation, enough research, and the right planning, you’ll be able to thoroughly enjoy every second of your well-deserved trip.