Traveling to new destinations can be one of the best experiences life has to offer. But traveling unprepared can quickly turn a dream into a nightmare. Proper planning and preparation prior to a trip can help you avoid unnecessary and unwanted problems. And one of the best ways to prepare for a is to create a travel checklist. You’ll need to confirm and organize everything you’ll need to be as safe and secure on your trip. As well as to be as organized with your plans as possible. And this is most definitely necessary if you are to spend weeks in a completely foreign place.

Your Ultimate travel checklist

First, lets start with the essentials.

Your passport

you have to make sure that your passport is valid throughout your trip. It’s a simple and surprisingly common mistake to go on a trip and realize that your passport is about to expire. The problem with this is you will not be permitted to fly in or out of any airport with an expired passport. Make sure that your passport is valid throughout the duration of your trip to avoid getting stranded anywhere.

A Visa (If necessary)

Do a little research to find out if your destination requires a Visa to avoid getting stranded at the airport. A Visa is a travel document that confirms that a country has given you permission to travel and stay in that country. It’s better to do this as soon as possible. Depending on the country, a Visa can take up to a week, or up to 6 months to be processed. The sooner you do this, the better.

Your travel budget

The amount of money you plan to bring is important as it can either be too much that you’ll have an unnecessary amount of cash on you, or too little that you don’t have enough to sustain your entire trip.

Do some research on the destination you’ll be visiting.

Look into the cost of:

  1. Food
  2. Transportation
  3. Accommodation
  4. Activities
  5. Travel fees

Confirm the average amount of money you’ll need everyday. Calculate this and add a sufficient amount of emergency cash to the sum. Do this to be as safe and secure that you have enough money on your trip. You can also definitely bring a debit or credit card for added security. But take note of the fact that you can’t rely on this cash entirely. Not all card or bank transactions are successful if you’re using your card overseas. So it’s best to have a sufficient amount of cash on you when you travel.

Your accommodation

This is really important as you need to book your accommodation as soon as possible. The worst case scenario is that you find yourself unable to book a place to reside in. Either it’s too expensive, or your best options are fully-booked.

Find portable Wi-Fi devices to rent

A portable Wi-Fi device is every travelers best friend. It can eliminate almost every challenging aspect you can expect to experience on a trip. Overcome language barriers, navigational struggles, on-the-spot problems or set-backs with the Internet ready on the tip of your fingers. Know what to wear according to the weather and culture. Last, but not least, do research on the type of climate you’ll be expecting on your trip. There’s really nothing worst than having a bag full of clothes and shoes that you can’t wear because of cultural restrictions, or because of the weather situation.

The checklist you need BEFORE leaving your house.

This is simply the only checklist you’ll need to confirm that you have everything before you leave for your trip.

Have this ultimate checklist ready for any trip, and you’ll find yourself organizing and planning your trip twice as fast as you normally would!