Giuseppina Projetto (Wikimedia Commons)

Europe’s oldest living person has passed away, aged 116.

Giuseppina Projetto, born in Italy in 1902, lived there until her death. At the time of her passing, she was the second oldest person in the world.

Affectionally referred to as the ‘nonna’ of Italy, Projetto considered her positive attitude and a daily serving of chocolate the reasons for her long life. 

Maria Giuseppa Robucci, from Sardinia in Italy, has taken over the title at 116 years of age. She was made honorary mayor of her hometown in 2015.

While Robucci’s advice for a long life isn’t as exciting as Projetto’s, it does come from a place of logic. She said that you reached her old age by completely abstaining from cigarettes and alcohol, despite managing a bar with her husband until his death in 1982.

Robucci has a total of five children, nine grandchildren, and an impressive sixteen great-grandchildren. Among her favorite foods are tomatoes and bread. 

Chyho Miyako resides in Japan and is currently the world’s oldest person at 117.