While Spring is only a few weeks away, you wouldn’t know it if you lived along Lake Erie. This is because they experienced something so rare that it’s hard to believe it’s real – an ice tsunami.

High winds along Lake Erie on Sunday and Monday caused a wall of ice to be pushed inland. This massive amount of ice was pushed on to the shore in just a matter of minutes. The Niagara Parks Police Service located in Niagara Parks, Ontario, posted footage of this weather phenomenon. In fact, the wall of ice was so big that it forced the closure of surrounding streets.

As expected, this didn’t stop people flocking to the area to check it out for themselves. Witnesses talked about this incredible site and the presence of hundreds of chunks of ice along the shore of Lake Erie. People even noticed that it had started to mow down street lamps and even trees.

Hoover Beach in New York was also affected by this bizarre force of nature as residents had to be evacuated. Residents of Hoover Beach talked about how they had experienced storms similar to this before, but nothing quite like it. The ice had never reached all the way up to people’s patios.

It may look like this is the last of it, but the strong winds that caused this ice phenomenon haven’t disappeared entirely yet. The National Weather Service warns that winds traveling along Lake Ontario could reach up to 75mph. Winds at this speed can cause damage to power lines, trees, and even people’s roofs. They went on to say that this is a particularly dangerous weather situation to be in, so only travel if necessary. If you do travel, be prepared to avoid downed power lines and extensive damage to the road.

While the winds are expected to last to the end of the day, it’s predicted that they’ll calm down by Tuesday. Once this bizarre weather event has passed, the residents of Lake Erie can carry on looking forward to spring once again.

Large ice mounds can be seen at Hoover Beach along Lake Erie in New York on Sunday (Town of Hamburg Emergency Services)