American Airlines has made a dream come true for a young lady with special needs from South Carolina. 17-year-old Shantell “Princess” Pose became American Airlines’ first flight attendant with special needs and a terminal illness.

The young lady has Down Syndrome and is fighting a series of airway defects, her mother, Deanna Miller Berry, informed WIS10. “They’re called laryngomalacia, tracheomalacia, and tracheobronchial malacia.” her mother said that Princess airway is 87 percent blocked and her health situation has her flying quite a bit. She has flown on up to 57 flights.

When an American Airlines pilot found out about this young lady, they decided to make her dream come true! No one asked American Airlines to do this, this was done out of good grace by American Airlines.

The opportunity for her to be honored as a flight attendant with American Airlines was like a dream come true for the young lady.

In a heart warming tweet by Emily Scarlett the young girl can be seen glowing with happiness as she lives out her dream.