On Thursday, Shuri Castle in Okinawa burnt down. It was a sobering reminder to organizations managing historical sites everywhere that the unexpected can happen. 

What’s now on the mind of many officials is to educate organization members and the public on general fire safety. Both people visiting sites like Shuri Castle and those who live in its precinct need to be aware of the risk of fire.

While a lot of fires occur at building sites and locations that are under construction, going forward, the focus needs to be on preventing the fires from starting in the first place. This could result in emergency checks of fire equipment in many shrines and temples around the region.

Officials are asking for efforts to ‘redouble’ to prevent a fire from occurring at other historic sites, including Chusonji temple.

The cause of the fire at Shuri castle is yet to be determined, and many people are eagerly awaiting this information so that more can be done to prevent fires like this in the future.

Staff members everywhere, including the Rinnoji temple in Nikko, are urged to be more careful and aware when using fire in traditional celebrations.

With tourists expected to flood Rinnoji in the coming months, extra caution is to be taken in order to prevent another World Heritage site from the same fate.