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Traveling to different countries is a great opportunity to discover new culture and new experiences. Aside from that, the airports in each country mirrors the culture and the country itself. So here are the Top 10 best airports in the world that you should definitely visit. Frankfurt Airport, Germany This airport is located in Germany and it serves 98 airlines...

Top Maui Beaches in Hawaii

Makena Beach on Maui
In this video we explore the beaches of the Hawaiian island of Maui. In Hawaii it is not uncommon to see Turtles also known as Honu resting on beaches, Humpback Whales raising their young in the oceans off the beach, rainbows on the horizon and tropical jungles making for lush ocean cliffs. Here is how Island Hopper TV ranks the...

Walking Cotai Street in Macau

The up and coming Chinese city of Macau has many resorts that resemble Las Vegas and a strip known as Cotai. Macau has earned the nickname of "East Las Vegas".

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