KLM has financially backed the 'Flying-V' shaped aircraft

KLM, a Dutch airline, is financially backing the pioneering of an aeronautical project which could see the layout and shape of commercial plans changed permanently.

The ‘Flying-V’ design has the exact same wingspan as planes do now but can carry over 300 passengers. It is named after a popular guitar model, the Gibson Flying-V electric that has been played by many music legends including Keith Richards and Jimi Hendrix.

Developed by a team of researchers at Delft Technology University located in the Netherlands, the new shape flares back from the nose to create a unique V-shape.

The designers say that this unique design drops fuel use by 20%. The wings can hold cargo and passengers, as well as fuel tanks and additional infrastructure.

Two turbofan engines are mounted at the back, with the overall structure reducing the carbon footprint of air travel dramatically. KLM chief executive Pieter Elbers won’t say anything about the finer details of this project, but it is being considered as a world leader in ‘sustainable aviation.’ 

The size of the ‘Flying-V’ is similar to the Boeing 787, with the total width being 215ft and the length coming in at 180ft. Details regarding the interior are limited right now, but it will most likely include a variety of innovative seating arrangements.

If lightweight furniture is used, the plane will be able to maximize its fuel capacity. The name of the aircraft is derived from the nickname given to the iconic Gibson electric guitar developed in 1958.