Forgive me with how scary the title may sound but this is just a definition of how I will feel if I am to try out hiking in Mt. Hua but in contrary, I just want to share with you the beauty and the uniqueness of this amazing landscape.

Mount Hua is located in Shaanxi Province of China. It is one of the five greatest mountain in China and with a reputation of “the number one precipitous mountain under heaven” or for some it is also called “Splendid Mountain”. It is also considered as a holy place after a Taoist temple was built at the base of the mountain. It is said that the nuns, the monks and the pilgrims carved staircase on the way to the peak of the mountains and that is why, this special landscape easily attracts all people who desired for extreme great adventure mountain hike.

Mount Hua may look dangerous to some since some of the trails are steep but due to flocking of may dare devils and tourist, they have reinforced some of the pathways towards the summit, even placed chains so tourist has something to grip on while ascending to the mountain top but nevertheless still have the reputation of fatal falls. Some of the most dangerous trails are as follows: Thousand-foot Precipice, Hundred Foot Crevice and Black Dragon Ridge.

Yeah, maybe enough of how dangerous the mountain is and let’s see the great side of the landscape. Admit it or not, Mount Hua may be the best site for you to see a great sunrise and feel ecstatic seeing the wide view of Xian Province especially in these places such as Shuguang Pavilion, Lion Peak, Jade Screen Pavilion Bright Peak. Apart from that we can’t also help but to fall deeply in love to see a sea of clouds covering the whole city of Xian and be amazed as you would definitely an confidently say to yourself that you are indeed on top of the world.

Experience Mt. Hua’s pathway trails via these canvass:

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hiking-trail-huashan-mountain-china-5Image Credit: Aaron Feen

You may also experience great food trips and buy incredible souvenirs or stay at a hotel in their village, thus making you experience great encounter with locals and definitely an incredible travel bucket list.


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