Flights could be delayed due to historic snowstorm (

An historic storm is headed for central America this week, and it could dump up to two feet of snow from Minnesota to Colorado.

The National Weather Service has released six blizzard warnings for Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, Kansas, and Colorado. This storm could bring up to 30-inches of snow to specific areas in the Midwest.

It will become impossible to travel both by ground and air as strong winds, and heavy snow will reduce visibility completely. In South Dakota, thunder and lightning could occur, and all states issued with a blizzard warning could see these weather conditions last until Friday morning. The National Weather Service is calling it a “historic springtime snowstorm” and is asking residents to stay away from the roads.

Winter storm warnings will affect states from Illinois to Utah. While most of the storm is expected to hit central America, it could still affect up to 200 million people as it makes its way across the country. In states where heavy rainfall is expected, the NWS is warning of severe flooding. Los Angeles has already been hit with over 50,000 homes losing power due to strong winds. Heavy rain is also expected for cities in the Northeast as the storm shifts away from the country.

Major airports including Dallas, Chicago, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Denver could be affected. On Wednesday, more than 300 flights were canceled at Denver airport.

Fees for changing your flight are being waived by United Airlines for flights booked on Wednesday and Thursday. If you’re on a plane bound for Sioux Falls, Colorado, Rapid City, Minneapolis, Fargo or Duluth airports, it can be rebooked until the 14th April.

If you are booked with JetBlue through Minneapolis and Denver, you can rebook your flights until the 14th April.

The same goes for passengers flying from or to Wisconsin, Wausau, La Crosse, Green Bay, Appleton, Wyoming, Cheyenne, Jackson Hole, Michigan, Marquette, Minnesota, Rochester, South Dakota, Sioux Falls, Rapid City, or Minneapolis-St. Paul and are booked through American Airlines.

Travel waivers have been issued by Delta Airlines for travelers to the Upper Midwest and Colorado for flights on Wednesday and Thursday.

You should check with your airline directly to confirm the status of your flight.