meet friends while traveling

Meeting new people when traveling may give most of you mixed emotions. It’s great to meet new people when you travel to new places. But it is also a little terrifying to trust people when you’re in a completely foreign land. It’s either you meet new faces who you can learn and experience new things with, or find yourself opening up to a stranger that you should be cautious of rather than welcoming to with open arms. There are a few ways to guarantee that you safely meet new people when you travel, and not set yourself up to be vulnerable to criminals or thieves.

Tips to safely meet new people

Use Social Media

There are hundreds of online groups on social media sites that are dedicated to connecting travelers with one another, whilst eliminating the possibility of criminal attempts on tourists. The great thing about Social Media is that you can literally do a background check on someone to confirm that they are who they say they are online. And it’s pretty easy to spot what a fake account looks like. An account that rarely has interactions with other people, with minimal photos shared, with odd and ingenuine looking photos are the ones to avoid. But find yourself in one of these traveler groups, and you’ll be able to use Social Media to meet like-minded travelers who too want to simply meet new people and have fun.

Talk to groups of tourists or locals in establishments and local markets

Chatting to a random person standing alone on a street is a definite no-no. If you want to safely meet other travelers or locals, go to the local market, to popular restaurants and establishments. And to be on the safe side, approach groups of people who may be on a guided tour, or who are enjoying a day or night out together. If you find that people are in good company, having fun or enjoying themselves, then they are most likely harmless to meet.

Ask around and find out where are the safest places to meet people

One of best ways to safely meet new people is to ask your Airbnb host, your hotel concierge, your hostel owner, or even a cab driver, where you can find the best and safest places are to meet people. It is the locals themselves who can direct you towards the right direction. And if you’re lucky, they themselves may also be willing to meet new people with you.

It’s always a lot more fun to meet new people when you travel. Shared stories and experiences can bring what is already an incredible holiday away in a foreign country, into a completely new level of awesomeness. It’s all about staying as safe as possible when meeting new people, to really make the most of your destination.