For those of you who are planning a tropical vacation, you may be interested to know what luggage to pack for your travels.

Unless you’ve actually lived in a tropical country, you most likely have no idea exactly what you should or shouldn’t bring when you travel to one. And packing can quickly become a nightmare when you’re trying to figure out what should be going with you to paradise. These essential tips to pack for a tropical country is everything you’ll need to be as prepared as possible for a unique, and sometimes, challenging climate.

What to pack for a tropical Country W

Appropriate clothes and shoes

At tropical destinations, it’s either really hot and humid or completely raining cats and dogs. You need to do a little research to know what weather to expect so you can determine what type of clothes and shoes are appropriate for your trip. And on a side-note, always bring sensible walking shoes if you want to avoid sore feet that may just dull the fun you should be having on a trip.

Bug repellent

This is a must. You should always bring bug repellent when you travel to a tropical country. The climate is the perfect breeding place for mosquitos and other bugs similar to this. And if you want to avoid mosquitos, then you need to protect yourself from them.

Sun lotion

Even when it is the rainy season, you’d still want to be prepared for the day that the sun decides to show up and torture your skin. It can get extremely hot in tropical countries. And the suns ray is a lot more powerful. You need to be able to protect your skin from harmful UV exposure from the sun.

UV protective eyewear

It’s not just your skin that needs protection from the sun. Your eyes need this too. Find yourself a good brand for UV protective eyewear to be on the safe side.

A water bottle

You are more prone to dehydration in tropical climates than any other climate simply because it is a lot hotter. It’s always best to bring a water bottle that you can keep with you at all times. Pack one that’s light and that’s easy to store in your bag.

And last but not least, the most important tip of all, is not what you pack but how you pack. Try your best to keep your load as light as possible. In a hot and humid country, you wouldn’t want to be carrying around a bag that’s almost as heavy as you are. You’ll get tired and exhaustion can is never good for a trip. Try to pack as light as possible. You can lessen the clothes you bring. You also have the option to bring a lighter bag. Just make it a point that you do pack only the bare necessities to save yourself from the torture of a heavy backpack on a hot summer tropical day.