Every person desires the freedom to travel and see the world. But much like everything else on this planet, it comes with a price. And whatever currency you hold, it is still an expensive venture to commit to. But be at ease. Traveling can be done without breaking your bank. There are ways to hack the system and find cheaper alternatives without sacrificing a comfortable and fulfilling trip.

Hacks to travel on a budget

Buy cheap flight tickets

The biggest culprit behind why traveling is so expensive to do, is the cost of flights. Paying for the regular standard prices for plane tickets can set you back hundreds of dollars more than you can afford. And you never actually have to spend as much as the regular prices. There are several ways to work around the system to get you cheaper tickets.

How to find cheaper tickets

  • Buy during or for off-season dates – Tickets for most things (flights, cruises, hotels and hostels, train tickets, etc…) are sold at discounted prices during off-season months. Research on what time of the year your desired destination gets the least tourists, and book your trip around this time. You’ll find that everything you’ll book may just be a lot cheaper than its regular price.
  • Book a year ahead – Airplane tickets are sold a lot cheaper months before the actual flight to encourage people to buy months before the actual flight. If you’re planning for a trip, try to book your ticket as early as possible to find early-bird discounted tickets.
  • Take note of seat sales – Airlines are always doing their best to fill up every seat on a plane. And one way they do this is by offering year-early seat sales. Look into the most guaranteed seat sale dates to give you

Book everything ahead of time

As previously mentioned, everything is usually a lot cheaper to book months (even years) before an actual trip. You’ll find that hotels, transportation, and different tickets for activities have early-bird discounts. Take advantage of this. The best part of buying everything ahead of time is that you have the opportunity to have enough time to plan everything you’ll do on your trip (and cancel if you change your mind about something).

Don’t book tours

Package tours are usually really expensive. With everything booked/planned for you, it’s just fair that travel agencies and tour companies charge the rates that they do. But for someone on a budget, you don’t need to spend on these tours. You can easily plan everything yourself.

How to plan your trip

  • Find out what you want to do on your trip and do a little research by reading blogs, articles, and watching vlogs or television features about the places you want to visit.
  • List down all the activities and restaurants you want to try
  • Plan each activity and meal for every location you plan to visit
  • Calculate the average amount of money you’ll need per-day and list this down.

Avoid expensive restaurants

The one thing that you must do when you travel, is to eat the local cuisine available. But be careful not to dine at expensive restaurants. There are many restaurants that offer gourmet versions of local cuisine, at expensive prices. But low-key, traditional restaurants that cater to locals can also give you the same traditional flavors at a lower cost. It’s all about doing the right research. Look for restaurants recommended by locals. Ask around when you meet friendly locals. Find the hidden gems that can give you the real taste of local cuisine, without charging you restaurant prices.

Tips for finding good and affordable restaurants

  • Read blogs and watch vlogs – Blogs and travel vlogs are usually expressive of the experience the subject is having when trying food. And it’s good to learn from other people’s experiences to know what and where to eat with a budget.
  • Go on Social Media – You can find thousands of travel and foodie groups that connect millions of people around the world. And these are the perfect platforms to ask for recommendations or learn of people’s experiences when they travel.

Invest in a pocket wifi/sim card when you travel

With constant access to the Internet and a sim card to use for local calls, you’ll be able to save yourself the trouble of overspending on your trip. If you’re able to do research everywhere, you can always find the cheapest alternative to everything you want to do. And it’ll help make your trip a lot easier too.

No one wants to ever be worrying constantly about their budget when they’re trying so intently to focus on enjoying their trip, and basking in the new, the weird, and the wonderful experiences of being in a foreign country. And traveling on a budget has never been this easy.