Now you can see Denmark from a different perspective.

In the forest reserve of Gisselfeld Klosters Skove, located an hour south of Copenhagen is a walkway connected to a treetop observation tower that’s 148 feet tall.

It is called The Treetop Experience, and it is a walkway that spirals through the forest. It’s divided into a low and high route, with the higher path intersecting the older areas of the woods while the lower course spirals its way through the younger area.

EFFEKT Architects

The observation tower is distinctive, with a slender profile that curves to meet an enlarged crown and base. Not only does this widen the space for viewing, but it also allows observers to be closer to the forest canopy.

Throughout the experience, observers can look out at the hilly terrain and pass by creeks, wetlands, and lakes.

Architecture firm EFFEKT is behind this new walkway and has created it in conjunction with Camp Adventure that includes activities like zip lines.

EFFEKT Architects