If slow air travel is one thing keeping you from traveling abroad, you may be happy to find out that those 10 hour flights may be cut in half.

The hypersonic plane could fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo in just three hours or cut the time of a flight between New York and London down to just two hours incredibly enough. Get ready to cross the pond!

So just how fast are we talking here? Well, try Mach 5. Just in case you don’t know how fast Mach 5 is, that is nearly 3800 miles per hour! That is 5 times the speed of sound. The average commercial airliner flies between 500 to 700 miles per hour depending on the aircraft and the distance of the flight!

So just how long will it take to have an aircraft transiting the oceans at supersonic speeds? Boeing CEO, Dennis Muilenburg said it could be about 15 to 20 years before we realistically see the return of the hypersonic commercial airlines. The question is, does Boeing see the potential in developing such an aircraft at the cost of billions of dollars.


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