Experiencing New Cultures: How to be Respectful

A big part of traveling the world and going to new places is experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. But before you get too excited about showing up to a foreign...
meet friends while traveling

How to Safely Meet New People When You Travel

Travel can be an exciting way to make new friends. Meeting friends safely is important.

How to pack Luggage for a tropical country

For those of you planning a tropical getaway, here is what to consider when traveling.

Budget-friendly food destinations in Asia

If you are a foodie looking to explore Asia's food scene start here!

How to Plan for a Trip in 2019

As a tale is as old as time, traveling and discovering the world has been a universally renowned, bucket list worthy venture craved by everyone who has the thirst for knowledge and experience. There’s...

Things NOT to do While Traveling!

Traveling has become a significant life-goal for almost everyone. The more we are able to see the world through photos and videos online, the more we crave to see it with our own eyes....

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