‘Ghost Plane’ Made By 800 Drones

It took 800 drones to create a ghost plane in the sky, which was reminiscent of the mighty shire fireworks scene in Lord of the Rings.

China’s New Panda-Shaped Solar Farm

For most solar farms, you’ll find uniform columns or rows that form a nice, symmetrical grid. This isn’t how one of China’s largest clean energy operators have chosen to build...

US Government Issues Travel Warning For China

There is now a Level 2 advisory for travel to China.

Top 5 European cities to explore

Traveling to Europe is a goal on everyone’s bucket list. And how can it not be. There are so many reasons to travel your way through Europe. With an uncomparable combination of treasured history...

Most Dangerous Hike in the World – Mt Huashan, Xian, China

Forgive me with how scary the title may sound but this is just a definition of how I will feel if I am to try out hiking in Mt. Hua but in contrary, I...

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