Budget-friendly food destinations in Asia

If you are a foodie looking to explore Asia's food scene start here!

Japan Has The World’s Best Passport For Travel 2019

The more important thing than travel is passport! People could travel as many places as they can if the passport they are holding is the World's best Passport for travel entry globally. There are recent...

Top Islands to Explore in Philippines for First Timers

Philippines is known for its beautiful and amazing beaches! If you are planning to explore Philippine beaches for the first time, you might want to consider the list of beaches to visit for first...

Top 5 European cities to explore

Traveling to Europe is a goal on everyone’s bucket list. And how can it not be. There are so many reasons to travel your way through Europe. With an uncomparable combination of treasured history...

Most Dangerous Hike in the World – Mt Huashan, Xian, China

Forgive me with how scary the title may sound but this is just a definition of how I will feel if I am to try out hiking in Mt. Hua but in contrary, I...

Walking Cotai Street in Macau

The up and coming Chinese city of Macau has many resorts that resemble Las Vegas and a strip known as Cotai. Macau has earned the nickname of "East Las Vegas".

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