Ah, Barcelona! One of Spain’s incomparable cities with a unique identity. From early-20th-century architecture to urban beaches, Barcelona is truly filled with a handful of attractions that will make you want to extend your vacation at least a couple more days.

There’s so much food, art, and culture at every corner. Choosing which ones to visit can be quite a challenge.  To make sure you get a full Barcelonian experience, don’t miss out on these 7 must-dos in Barcelona!

  1. La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia, locally known as the Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família, is one of Antoni Gaudí’s famous structures. The monumental basilica is known for being under construction since 1882 and is still unfinished as of today. You won’t see anything like it anywhere else. With its gothic exterior and sophisticated interiors, seeing LA Sagrada Familia tops our Barcelona must-dos.

  1. Casa Batllo

Casa Batllo

Another great piece of work by Gaudí is Casa Batllo. This excellent building is mostly known for its unique exterior and interior. But what most people are unaware of are the amazing views of Barcelona that it offers from its rooftops. It’s definitely a place to hang out for at least an hour to soak in the picturesque views of Barcelona.

  1. Attend a Flamenco dance


A trip to Barcelona wouldn’t be complete if you’ve never witnessed a Flamenco dance. Some of the best places to see Flamenco artists at foot include the Tablao Flamenco Cordobes, Tablao de Carmen, Los Tarantos, The Palau de la Música, The Palacio del Flamenco, and ROBADORS 23.

  1. Explore La Rambla

La Rambla

Want to stroll around Barcelona for exotic cafes and quirky kiosks and shops? La Rambla is the place to be! It’s basically a group of five different streets. If you ever find yourself in the streets of La Rambla, don’t forget to make a quick stop at the Barcelona Colon Monument and Barcelona Wax Museum. Moreover, try to save an hour or two for shopping around the La Boqueria MArket.

  1. Park Güell

Park Guell

Another surreal work of Gaudí is Park Güell. This Unesco-listed park is one of the most enchanting places you will ever see. Landscape gardening and colorful sculptures were made by Gaudí himself. It receives around 4 million visitors every year, so make sure to book your tickets ahead!

  1. Explore the Art Scene

Picasso Museum

Barcelona’s art scene is mostly known for Gaudi’s unique architectural structures, the Picasso museum, and the Salvador Dali Museum. Those definitely top the must-see art pieces in Barcelona but do take note that Barcelona has more art galleries no art lover should forget to see. Try seeking for Barcelona’s hidden gems such as ProjecteSD, Galeria Estrany-de la Mota, ADN Galeria, Ana Mas Projects, and Espai 13.

  1. Walk Around the Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter

Want to experience a legit Spanish night out? Just wait for the sun to set and take a stroll through the Gothic Quarter. It’s filled with dive bars, cocktail lounges, and dance clubs. It’s definitely the place to be if you’re into long nights out. You can even start early by seeing the Gothic Cathedral, Picasso’s old strolling grounds, and Gaudi’s first projects.



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